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A 12-Question Roadmap for Developing a Plan-Of-Action to accomplish a task, achieve a goal, or solve a problem. Plus 6 related Quotations. 12 Questions What do I want to accomplish; what is my goal, purpose or objective?Why is this important to me; what are the rewards and end-result benefits of achieving

Ever wonder why a friend, acquaintance, client, prospect, or business contact suddenly appears to flip on you. Phone calls are not returned as expected, emails get no reply, conversations seem strained.  If you’re concerned that they may have turned on, against, or cold to you, for no apparent reason, consider the following

To me, it’s one of most the most exciting ideas in the whole field of self-development. In simple terms, it’s what lubricating oil is to machinery; what a sharp razor vs. a dull razor is to a face; what a tune-up is to an automobile; and what self-development is to maximizing